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You Should Consider Private Label Branding

Private label products refer to the products that are manufactured byone company and then labeled with another company (retailers)brand. A company can also choose to both manufacture and sellproducts under its brand name If it is done right, private label productsgive credibility to your company and an additional product line to sellwith profitable revenue streams.

We strongly believe there is a connection between the entrepreneur and the designer, as both are very crazy about what they are doing, the components that use and benefits obtained. The brand design team at Synergy Solutions is highly passionate and knows the art of correctly combining the right ingredients to develop the best food branding designs. Synergy Solutions is committed to integrity, transparency, honesty and quality delivery of our services to our customers.

Private Label/Branding Benefits

Let’s look at the seven reasons you should consider private label branding

1. Exclusivity

You can sell another company’s products in your retail outlet but itdoes not offer you exclusivity. Consider the case of Amazon. The retailgiant offers various products in their private label, which gives them anexclusive range of products. Consumers also get an additional optionwhile shopping for a particular product category.

2. Greater Margins

Unlike national brands, you do not have to follow a long supply chain.You can manufacture your products or get it manufactured by an expert private label manufacturer, and deal with manufacturer, and deal with your suppliers and sources directly. Fewer middlemen equate to higher profit margins.

3. Sell customized products according to customer’s demand

National and International brands have standard offerings. They do not offer tailor-made products or set prices according to all target customer segments. You might have noticed how the same variance of a product is offered under a private label, which is more affordable for the customer. As a private label seller, you can sell products tailored to meet the end customer’s needs. We can create your own label and that of your customers as well.

4. More Control

Under private label branding, you get more control over the price of the product, its marketing, sales, and distribution. This is a feature that is lacking in national brands.

As your private brand, you are free to choose a marketing strategy that works for your target customer segment. You can sell the product at the most favorable price.

5. Virtual Monopoly

Your private label products are exclusive to your company; hence your products get a virtual monopoly in the market. If the customer likes your product, s/he will come to you only to buy it. It also allows you to sell other products that combine and compliment to your line of products.

6. Less Competition for Your Product

While the market can have a variance of your product, it would be strenuous for the competitors to match your product’s price, packaging, marketing, or other unique elements. If you sell a good quality private label product you can lock your customers to your retail brand.

7. Make Setara your partner to achieve private label

At Setara Dry Fruits and Nuts Processing, we process dry fruit & nuts to international standards for quality, cleanness, and professional designs, and use our own machinery to package your dry fruits or we can buy your.

Brand Identity

This initial stage we will help with all visual elements of the brand and creates a distinct image of the brand compared to other competitors. Features such as logo, business cards, envelops, letterhead, typography and reinforces the existing reputation of a brand. We have our own in-house design team and they will work with you to finalize your specific brand for you.

Product Shape Design

Now we move to product structure design, which is a combination of design, technology and business. It includes the complete process from the initial stage to development.

Innovative shapes with value propositions are strategically in demand. We will not stop until you see your vision in your future product and will provide you a variety of sample designs and work with you to create your own vision

Packaging Design

Your final product, or the packaging, along with the fundamentalproperty of protecting the product, it should also be eye-catchyand attractive. Type of material, color, which is based on flavorsmostly, imagery Ingredients, Actual Product or Values andtypography plays an essential role in package designing. TheSynergy team will work with you to help achieve all aspect ofproduct design.


Your Brand on a Package

Once we reach to this stage, with your help we will advice the finalstep, which is to choose the type of packaging (whether it will bea pillow bag design or zip lock bag). From here, we will provide youa professional, commercial cost proposal. Upon your approval,the manufacturing of your package starts. Within three to fiveweeks, your final product will arrive at your doorsteps. We cantake your dry fruits & Nuts, processing it, and then package themon your newly brand bags.

Success Story

Creating the Internationally - Acclaimed Afghan Dried Fruits Brand

Synergy Solutions brand designing team worked tirelessly withSetara Dry Fruits and Nuts Processing team to create the identityhow they visualize their brand. The articulate brand designing andpackaging has given Setara huge recognition in both national andinternational market.Stories lie in the name of the Arghandiwals’ brand, which means thestar, and his experience with the international market into Dry Fruitsto Exotic Dried Fruits makes SETARA the leading brand in the healthysnacks industry in Afghanistan. Their process of handpicking andselection is one that goes through tremendous intricacies, whichguarantees a consistent taste and one of a kind flavor.The brand Setara is in eight unique varieties like Walnuts, Almonds,Raisins, Pine-nuts, Apricots, Mulberries, Pistachios, and a Mixed Nuts.People know when they are buying Setara products, which meanspremium quality dry fruits and their trust and recognition of thebrand has given it huge credibility in market.