In year 2014, the Arghandiwals ventured into Afghan dry fruits and nuts market by opening their label, Elham Markets. Elham Markets became a chain of five dry-fruits outlets in various location primarily in Kabul and one flagship store in the region’s oldest wholesale market; The Kabul Mandawi Market. This startup and chain of stores helped them understand the dry fruit market of Afghanistan. However, soon they realized that Afghanistan produced the most artisanal and exotic dry-fruits but yet it lacks behind in producing premium quality dry fruits such as value added processes like sorting, grading, shelling, and packaging to the international standards.

Setara was created as a premium brand, associated with Afghan dried fruits and nuts. In 2018, Setara was established at Badam Bagh, Kabul, Afghanistan to process, clean, sort, shell, grade and package Afghan dry fruits and nuts using state-of-the- art processing equipment imported from the United States, India and China. The company has an all-women Afghan workforce, who is trained and certified workers. Setara follows international standards in plant to make sure cleanliness and quality of our products is always retained. Setara is a bridge between farmers and international market. At Setara, the harvest is collected from the farmers and brought to the plant, where it is processed and packaged further to the premium quality of dry-fruits.

Our products are ISO2200-2005 certified and have been exported to countries including India, Canada and Europe. Our products have been curated specifically for international market, which comes in various packaging like Zip-lock, Pillow Bags, and Gift-Packs and sold in bulk. The core business includes the processing of different varieties of the following items such as Apricots, Walnuts, and Black and White Mulberries, different types of Raisins, Almonds, Pistachios and Saffron.

What do we do?

Setara processing machines

We believe in providing our customers a premium, gourmet Afghan dried fruits and nuts. Our products are harvested at its finest quality from the farmers around the Afghanistan. Once, the harvest is brought to plant, it is processed in the ISO2200- 2005 certified plant in Badam Bagh, Kabul.

Setara, is a women-owned and led team, where all the processing workers are ladies, who are trained workers and are the major threshold to run the plant. Setara empowers these woman, and helps them grow into better version of themselves, both professionally and personally. The work culture is productive and friendly, where everyone feels at home.

Once product is sorted and processed, it is packed in pillow bags, Zip-lock bags, and in bulk boxes, ready to be exported to international markets.